Run a Productive and Motivated Team: Here Are the 5 Tips

productive and motivated

Leading a team is more than just assigning tasks and making sure they get done. The question is how can leaders run a productive and motivated team? Sometimes, assignments go awry and outputs are delivered late or not at all. But these mistakes aren’t tied solely to a single person’s failure. Most of the time, the issues that come up with their work actually stem from adverse teamwork

As a team leader, you should be the one that sees the problems as they come up, and guide the whole group in solving them. Improving teamwork can drastically refine your members’ output and their relationship to their work and co-workers.

Here are five tips on how you can effectively manage your team, boost your members’ productivity, and develop a fulfilling workplace environment.

1. Orient your team thoroughly about their responsibilities

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At the start of any project, be sure to orient your members of their respective duties. The whole team should be aware of what each part’s function is. This is to help them work as a solid unit contributing to a singular goal, no matter how different their responsibilities are.

2. Understand your team members’ strengths and weaknesses

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Being a team leader means knowing the limitations of your teammates. Before you assign any task, consider first what they can and cannot do.

You should train your employees in fields they find themselves falling short. Don’t let them go about their work with the same set of skills they had when they first stepped through the door. Good leadership encourages everyone to improve themselves.

3. Develop teamwork outside the office

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Team building activities are a good way to develop good working relationships in your team. It tackles teamwork fundamentals: motivation, creativity, and problem-solving. 

By having the teamwork with each other outside the context of their actual work, you build stronger bonds among their ranks. They are now connecting beyond their desktop tasks, and even fostering friendships— this will make for a better team rather than a bunch of strangers exchanging pleasantries in a 9-5 job.

4. Practice constructive feedback

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When something goes wrong, your team members may be inclined to exchange unpleasant words to get the disappointment of their chests. But debates are useless when it offends rather than encourages improvement.

You should have your team practice giving constructive feedback. It’s a way of expressing what went wrong without having to hurt any feelings. Underline what should be refined for a better output rather than pandering to subjective emotions such as anger and shame.

5. Schedule regular performance assessments

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Make project assessments a part of your work routine. Set it at regular times, such as once every two weeks. After every project, encourage your members to take note of what they think could be done better for the next one. Lay down a set of rubrics they can account for while working.

Motivate all members to speak up during these sessions, and inspire them to notice each other’s efforts and good work.

Good teamwork all comes down to good communication. Every problem in the workplace can be solved by a group ready to hear each other out and work together to solve issues. This is achieved by a leader willing to understand the complexities of each member and encourages the team to follow suit. That’s how leaders can run a productive and motivated team!



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  1. Good workplace teamwork is proven to boost employee productivity and motivation. In male-dominated industries, women might feel intimidated around their male coworkers. Offices can address this by fostering teamwork among female employees.

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