Five Clever Ways to Raise a Happy and Motivated Kids

raise happy motivated kids

Raising happy and successful children is the ultimate dream for any good parent. But unfortunately, your child doesn’t come with a How To Raise Kids Successfully Manual. Generally, parents have to learn things as they go along. Here are five parenting tips to help you raise happy and motivated kids.

1. Encourage open communication

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Parents aren’t their child’s mind readers. They don’t automatically and correctly know what their child needs just from being a mother or father. Children are in the crucial stages of learning how to communicate; teaching them the right way to do so will contribute to how they’ll fare in adulthood.

Develop an encouraging environment around your child that tells them that their ideas and opinions are valid and understood. Listen intently to what they’re saying, even if it sounds silly or vague. Pick up on things unsaid, like non-verbal cues that signal distress or sadness.

2. Manage your expectations

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Setting healthy expectations for children can help them visualize their goals better. But there are dangers in putting too much pressure on a child. Overwhelming stress at such a young age is likely to affect their mental health and self-esteem.

If you feel that your children are lacking developmental milestones crucial for their physical and cognitive development, don’t push them harder and force activities on them to catalyze growth. Consult a behavioral expert so you’ll have a more scientific approach as to why your child might be lagging compared to their peers.

3. Celebrate effort

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It’s only natural for parents to want their children to succeed. Whether in schoolwork, arts, or sports— parents want their child to be the best. But demanding them to strive only for triumph will place undue pressure on children that would likely steal interest and motivation from them.

Instead of pushing them to the top of the podium, celebrate your child’s effort. Teach them that the value of trying is in the lessons learned— whether through failure or success. Teach them that growth isn’t a linear process and that lapses and mistakes are essential aspects.

4. Teach them empathy

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Another crucial thing to teach a child for them to be happy is empathy. Empathy is a powerful tool for anyone to grow kind and compassionate, not only to others but also to themselves.

Making your children feel heard and teaching them how to understand how others feel are ways to help them see the world in a kinder light. This will teach children how to look beyond skin color, gender, and social status when making friends. It will also teach them not to compare themselves to others, and be happy and proud of who they are.

5. Strive to be happy too!

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Raising happy children will bring anyone joy— but don’t let that stop you from pursuing other things that make you happy. Neglecting your happiness to serve your children will not help you be a better parent.

As long as it doesn’t harm your children and yourself, feel free to achieve things that make you feel fulfilled. Having unresolved personal goals may lead you to feel unsure of yourself and resentful towards your child. Striving to be happy as a parent is one way to avoid taking negative emotions out of your child.

Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world— how you do it will determine what kind of person your child will grow up to be. But the key to good parenting is fostering a kind and encouraging environment at home. This means teaching your children to be kind, valuing their ideas and efforts, and being kind to yourself



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