Women Empowerment in Male-Dominated Industries

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March is named as the International Women’s Month, wherein we celebrate female strength and endurance in the face of discrimination. During women empowerment month, we deliver the rights not only of our mothers and sisters but of our female employees as well.

Female power exists, even in male-dominated industries. Almost half of the labor force is made up of women, doing jobs alongside men. Despite their undeniable contribution to the economy, women still experience discrimination in the workplace. Businesses should promote these 5 workplace qualities to promote women empowerment, especially in male-dominated spaces.

1. Promotion opportunities

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In male-dominated industries, it’s hard enough for women to get hired but it’s also hard for them to earn promotions. Certain positions are earned easily by men whereas women have to work harder to get it, which hampers promotion opportunities. That’s why you see a smaller amount of female managers than male ones.

Women can do and are doing the same jobs as men with the same level of skills, if not better. Opportunities for promotions should be available to women as much as with men. Men and women should be evaluated by the same criteria; looking at the quality of output and not their gender.

2. Equal pay

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Another attack against women empowerment in male-dominated industries is income gaps. In the US, women working a full-time, year-round job earn only 80.7% of what a man makes. 

A workplace that values women’s rights should address the wage gap between its workers. Both men and women strive to work for their families, with the same vigor and endurance as the other. So why should one gender benefit from higher salaries than the other?

3. Workplace teamwork

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Good workplace teamwork is proven to boost employee productivity and motivation. In male-dominated industries, women might feel intimidated around their male coworkers. Offices can address this by fostering teamwork among female employees. 

Asking women to work with each other can ease the tension they’re feeling and can provide them with a reliable support group that understands each other. Encouraging men and women to team up can also build trust among the employees, as long as they are oriented to respect each other’s abilities.

4. Safety from harassment

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Women also face the harrowing reality of being sexually harassed at work. Because of their inferior image to their male counterparts or even their bosses, female employees are commonly subjected to harassment. 

Gender seminars with the human relations office can help prevent harassment. They also educate male employees on how to conduct themselves in the presence of women.

5. Grievance platform

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Women should feel safe when reporting cases of sexual harassment and gender bias in the office. The lack of a proper platform to air their grievances scares women from speaking up about harassment.

A women’s desk in male-dominated industries is crucial to maintain harmony in the workplace, founded on the protection of women. 

Women are often overlooked in male-dominated spaces despite their efforts being great contributions to businesses. If given ample opportunities and platforms, women can achieve far more than what they’re expected to reach.

International Women’s Month is the perfect time for businesses to reorient workplace culture to appreciate women more. But these efforts should not be tied to a month-long celebration but should be instilled in the fibers of the workplace.



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