6 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Workspace With Houseplants

workspace houseplants

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of companies to shift to a work from home set up. To adjust properly to this new norm, it’s recommended that workers set up their official workplace at a quiet and private part of the home.

Just like how you’re free to personalize your desk at the office, decorating your workspace has benefits for your psyche like fighting off stress. One way to brighten up your pseudo-office at home is by adding houseplants to the set up. Having plants inside your home is proven to have many benefits like purifying the air, cooling down the temperature, and even reducing stress.

Here are 6 simple tips on how to style your home with houseplants for a better and brighter workspace.

1. Choose your plants based on your set up or benefits

green leafy plantsCourtesy of Huy Phan via Pexels

Not all plants are suitable to an indoor environment. Before you buy plants, read up on the different indoor plants and choose what’s best for your work set up and the benefits you want to reap.

For example, if you want to clear the air of your space, choose plants like English Ivy or Snake Plant. If you want to destress, you can choose plants that are proven to help with depression and anxiety.

2. Make sure natural light is available

plant with natural lightCourtesy of Huy Phan via Pexels

Although some houseplants don’t need that much sunlight, it’s still important that you provide them with a source of natural light during the day. Artificial light from lightbulbs or screens will not contribute to a plant’s growth.

3. Learn how to hydrate your plants

hydrate these cactus plantsCourtesy of Scott Webb via Pexels

If you plan to have a variety of plants in your workplace, make sure that you learn the difference in their water needs. Not all plants require the same amount of water in a day. In addition, if you’re likely to forget to water your plants, you might want to choose low maintenance plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig and Guiana Chestnut.

4. Ensure pet safety

ensure pet safetyCourtesy of cottonbro via Pexels

If you have furry friends walking about your workplace, make sure that the plants you choose are safe for them. Pets like dogs and cats are very curious animals and most of the time, they inspect new things with their mouth.

To prevent your pets from being poisoned by your plants, make sure that you buy non-toxic ones or keep potentially dangerous plants out of reach.

5. Look out for pests

look out for petsCourtesy of Andre Guerra via Unsplash

Even indoor plants are susceptible to pests. Make sure that you know how to identify harmless bugs from pests and regularly check your plants for them. You can even integrate this activity into one of your daily breaks so you won’t forget it.

6. Unleash your creativity!

unleash your creativity using plantsCourtesy of Valeria Ushakova via Pexels

Decorating your workspace shouldn’t be a stressful experience! If you’re lost and confused on what plants to buy and where to place them, you can check out houseplant layout ideas. You can follow these displays or follow your gut.

If it’s your first time testing your green thumb, don’t fret! There’s nothing better than learning a new skill and having fun doing it. You’ll find that having new plant friends beside you at work will do you many wonders.



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